FSI Multi-Bag Filter Housing Units - Stocking In 304 or 316 SST

Big Flow, Large Volume, No Problem!

Filter Sciences strives to meet the needs of all of our clients and that means engineering large multi-bag filter housing units to accommodate large volumes and flow rates. In fact, our standard stainless steel multi-bag filtration units can handle flow rates of up to 2,400 GPM. And, if that isn’t enough, contact us with your needs, and we can custom engineer a solution to meet your specific needs. These filter bag housing units can be used with various filter media and are safe for use with a variety of chemicals and products flowing through it. The stainless steel components are corrosion resistant and make the filter units easy to clean — at carbon steel prices! 


Quality design & construction features inside and out

  • No Backwash
  • Flexible Media
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Positive Sealing
  • Superior Lid Closing System
  • Differential Gauge Ports
  • Over-the-Top Design
  • Drain Port

The Filter Science Difference

At Filter Sciences, we focus on one thing: engineering and manufacturing high-quality stainless steel bag filter housing units. This allows us to focus on the details and create custom units to meet our clients’ unique needs. We stock a complete line of multi-bag housing units and can ship the next business day. If your application requires multiple filtration housing units or a specific design, our engineers will work with you and discuss your options. Our bag filter housing units offer extended service life and a large return on investment. Make your investment today so that you don’t have to worry about tomorrow!

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In our Foundry, eliminating downtime is critical. These bag filters have improved the cleanliness of our cooling towers, heat exchangers and closed loops exponentially. We no longer schedule regular cleanings.


I really like the ability to change the level of filtration by just changing a bag, and of course, we can’t afford any fluid losses to backwashing. These stainless bag filters fit our requirements to the



Multi- Bag Filter Housing Unit Features and Benefits

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If your filtration application needs include higher volumes and flow rates but prefer less frequent media bag changes, a multi-bag filter housing system may be the best option for you. Multi-bag filter housings offer fast turnaround times and reduce downtime during bag media filter changes. Compression bag clamps guarantee a positive seal and offer zero discharge — no process fluids are lost. These features also prevent bypassing and leakage.

Our ergonomic design makes operation, repairs, and cleaning of the multi-bag filtration housing system quick and easy. Stainless steel prevents corrosion and is easy to sanitize. Over-the-top design and spring lids make cleaning and changing filter bags easier. Side drain ports allow for chaining multiple units together, to run in parallel, or alternate for a continuous source of the filtered fluid. Because you can simply replace the filter media, our bag housing units offer huge savings over cartridge filters.


Multi-Bag Filter Housing Unit Sizes and Functions

At Filter Sciences, we offer a wide variety of multi-bag filtration housing systems that range from 1 to 12 cells. Each of the cells is capable of up to 200 GPM flow.  If 12 cells are not enough for your application needs, all of our units can easily be flanged together, run in parallel, or chained to alternate for continuous filtration. Piping multi-bag units together permit disabling one to service it while flow continues through the other to offer continuous use and no downtime.  

Because our filter housing units are capable of using any of hundreds of bag filter media options, including multi-basket strainers, they can be used in nearly any application you need. Made of stainless steel, our multi-bag filter housing units are corrosion-resistant and able to be used in many applications. Common applications of our units include metalworking, pharmaceuticals, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage, paint and lacquer, chemical processing, and the automotive industry. Discover all of the uses on our application page. 

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Twin or Multiple Bag Filter Housing System

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Whether you need more than 12 bag filtration cells in your housing unit or your application requires more frequent filter media changes or strainer cleaners, using modified bag housing units or flanging several together may be the better option for you. At Filter Sciences, we offer twin and dual bag filter housing units in both the single and multi-bag options. Additionally, all of our bag filtration housing systems feature side valves to allow the units to be flanged together. Creating a multiplex filter housing system allows for cleaning, servicing, and bag changes without disrupting flow and permitting continuous operation. Contact our engineers to discuss your specific filtration needs, and let us customize a bag filtration system that works for you.

Increase capacity and decrease downtime when you work with Filter Sciences for your multi-bag filtration housing needs.

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