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Applications For Filter Bag Housing From Filter Sciences

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The Process Filtration Solution

If your process filtration demands zero fluid loss or recovery of a valuable particulate, bag filters are the undisputed industry leader. The Filter Sciences stainless steel bag filter housings can accommodate a wide range of flows and the bags can filter particulate down to 1 micron. All this with no back washing, purging, or loss of the fluid being filtered. Our filters are the”Zero Discharge Solution”.

There is no substitute for stainless steel when it comes to filtration of water or potentially corrosive fluids. The corrosion resistance and longevity of stainless steel make it the only long term choice. We should know, we have been in the bag filtration business for 35 years and have seen lesser quality filters come and go. Our lean manufacturing processes enable us to market these stainless steel filter bag housings at an equivalent or an even better price point than our competitors with carbon steel. Give us a chance to earn your business with a Quick Quote.

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The Filter Sciences Difference

At Filter Sciences, we understand that the bag filter housing system that you use can make the difference between an effective manufacturing line and unsafe working conditions and an end-product that has to be disposed of. We work diligently to provide the equipment that sets you up for success from the beginning. Our stainless steel filter bag housing systems are value-engineered to provide the best quality at a competitive cost. Whatever your needs may be — low-flow single bag housing to large-flow multi-bag housing — we have the housing filtration you can count on.

We have filter housings in stock and ready to ship the next business day. If you don’t see what you need on our site, contact us for your custom quote.

Filter Bag Housing’s Role in Water Treatment and Management

In many applications of water treatment and management, effective filtration of particulates is a critical component of the quality of end products as well as the functioning of machinery down the line. Bag filtration is useful in removing sand, silt, algae, particulates, calcium deposits, and other matter from wells, cooling towers, and in agricultural irrigation, among other uses.

Cooling Tower Water Filtration

In HVAC systems, cooling water is collected in cooling towers to be filtered prior to being reused to protect the components of the HVAC system — heat exchangers, chiller tubes, evaporative condensers, cooling tower basin, piping system — from scale, corrosion, fouling, and biological activity. This helps ensure long-lasting equipment and better quality downflow. Effective bag filtration can remove large particulates and efficiently remove them before the water is reused.

Well-Water Filtration

Well water, while fresh, is often of poor quality and requires additional filtration before it can be used for any purpose. Filter bag housing units allow well water to undergo the first phase of water filtratration and can remove solids including vegetation, sand, silt, insects, and algae, among other contaminants. This helps reduce clogs in subsequent filtration steps and keeps water cleaner.

At Filter Sciences, we produce high-quality stainless steel bag filter housing units that can hold up to the moisture without the worry of corrosion, offers sure-seal closures, and can withstand nearly any flow rate! Discover more about how we can help with your water filtration needs and contact us to place your stainless steel bag filter housing order today.

Bag Filtration in the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

When fracking companies begin drilling, water and sand are infused to the ground at a very high rate to essentially crack open the shale, where the natural gas and oil is found. The sand is rinsed clean of excess minerals and clay before it is pumped into the drill site. Then the water is processed through a filter press at a high flow rate.

Effective bag filtration helps to remove total suspended solids and allows you to reclaim flowwater and reuse your frac water. At Filter Sciences, we provide stainless steel filter bag housings that accommodate many filter media specified for use in the hydraulic fracturing industry.

At Filter Sciences, we can assist you in the removal of total dissolved solids, radionuclides, and inorganic material, and we can help guide your operation towards optimal efficiency by providing bag filtration equipment that does exactly what your fracking company needs

Bag Filtration For Fracking

Housing Bag Filters in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on effective processing. Bag filtration helps to improve both the safety and the quality of food and beverage products. From the production standpoint, effective filtration can help protect machinery down the line as well as reduce waste, in essence, protecting your bottom line. For the consumer, quality bag filtration helps to improve the taste, smell, and consistency of mass-produced foods and beverages by reducing contaminants and unnecessary by-products.

At Filter Sciences, our stainless steel bag filter housing units are made to withstand various temperature limits and moisture while providing a sure seal and easy sanitation. Because our housing bag filters are made of stainless steel, they will not corrode the way carbon steel does, helping to ensure your product line runs smoothly. We provide the filtration that food and beverage companies rely on for consistency and quality. Contact us for your custom quote today. 

Housing Bag Filters For Food and Beverage

Housing Filtration in the Metalworking Industry

Water in the metalworking industry is incredibly important to function as a protective coolant and lubricant as well as rinse and clean during the process. Metalworking fluids of all types, including water, other lubricants, and by-products pose a particular risk for affecting the safety of metalworkers and the lifespan of equipment. Bag filter housing systems help to filter metalworking fluids to remove large impurities including swarf, metal flakes, and abrasive particles to prevent them from reentering the process down the line. This aids in the increasing the lifespan of the equipment with reducing energy usage and labor costs. Effective filtration allows for the reuse of metalworking fluids with saves in disposal costs. 

At Filter Sciences, we understand the filtration needs of the metalworking industry and have the housing filtration units you can count on. Our stainless steel filtration systems can be used with hydraulic oil, foundry cooling water and glycol loops, precious metal recovery, and high purity parts washing. Visit our metalworking page to learn more and contact us for your custom quote today.

Housing Filtration in Metalworking

Bag Housing in the Automotive Industry

From the backwash from automotive metalworking to the paint and lacquers used to cover vehicles and all the fluids in between, the automotive industry depends on effective filtration techniques and equipment. Every step of the automotive assembly and repair process depends on the fluids that support it. The right bag filtration housing makes all the difference in the outcome and lifespan of the vehicle. 

At Filter Sciences, we create bag housing systems that keep the automotive industry running. Our stainless steel engineering prevents corrosion and offers high abrasion resistance. Regardless of what area of the automotive industry your company functions in, we’ve got the equipment to meet your needs. Learn more about our filter housing units and contact us for your custom quote today.

Bag Housing in the Automotive Industry

Filter Bag Housing in the Plastic, Resin, Ink, and Coating Industries

Reliable filter bag housing systems are essential in nearly every application that includes liquid runoff or backwash. This includes the plastic, resin, ink, and coating production industries. Liquid byproducts, as well as rinse fluids, should be filtered to remove large particulates that may damage downline equipment or alter the consistency of the product being made. In many plastic and resin applications, additional fluid is added to reduce dust and keep end products smooth. 

At Filter Sciences, we create filter bag housing units that support these industries and keep manufacturing moving. Some ways our filtration systems improve the process include oil and polymer filtration, ingredient dispersions, polymerization batch filtration, plastics compounding, printing ink filtration, and high-purity ink-jet fluid filtration.Contact us for your custom quote today.

Contact Us For a Custom Quote

Bag Filtration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries are reliant on effective filtration to produce safe end products and reduce toxic waste. Bag filtration helps to remove impurities, particles, calcium deposits, proteins, gelatins,and activated carbon during the manufacturing process. Bag filtration is effective for filtration of oil-based products and liquid pharmaceuticals and assists in polishing herbal mixtures. 

At Filter Sciences, our bag filtration housing units are made of stainless steel which are corrosion resistant. Our single and multi-bag housing systems offer high abrasion resistance and can ensure that contaminants and particles are removed without damaging the filter, equipment, or the end product. Filter media allows for high separation and filtration efficiency and is resistant to chemical damage. 

Visit our pharmaceuticals page online and contact us for your custom quote. 

Bag Filtration For Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals

Housing Bag Filter in the Chemical Processing Industry

From small-batch commercial chemical processing to industrial-grade chemical processing, your processing plant relies on a filter bag housing system that can keep up and won’t break down under pressure. The chemical processing industry involved a variety of substances and quantity. From batch to continuous operation, your production line depends on the equipment that keeps it running. In addition to making end products safe, bag filtration is important to protecting your production line workers as well as extending the lifespan of machinery. 

At Filter Sciences, we manufacture stainless steel filter bag housing units that are corrosion resistant and sure-seal covers to prevent leakage or contamination. Our filtration units can handle large flow rates and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. For all of your filter bag housing unit needs, contact us for your custom quote. Learn more by visiting our chemical processing page.

Housing Bag Filter For Chemical Processing

Bag Housing in the Paint and Lacquer Industry

The quality of paint and lacquers is largely dependent on the consistency of the product. For this reason, filtration in the paint and lacquer industry has one of the biggest impacts on the quality of the end product. Effective bag housing filtration removed particles and impurities and improves texture and consistency in paint, lacquer, varnish, ink, and coatings. 

At Filter Sciences, we understand the importance of filtration in the manufacturing and production of paint and lacquers and create bag filter housing systems that can keep up. Our stainless steel bag housing units are able to remove agglomerates, coagulates, solvents, and films without corrosion. All of our units feature sure-seal closures that prevent the introduction of dust or contaminants in the product. Whether you manufacture small batches or industrial-grade products, we’ve got the right bag housing unit to meet your needs. Learn more on our paint and lacquer page and contact us for your custom quote today. 

Bag Housing Filtration For Paint and Lacquer

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