Superior Bag Filtration Housing Systems — An Industry Responsibility

Mining and mineral processing – The separation of solids and liquids is a critical process in the mining industry. Meeting safety and environmental regulations require industry managers to remove impurities to keep end-users safe. With increasingly strict process requirements, industry leaders need dependable bag filtration housing units with uncompromising quality standards.

Fracking for oil and gas – The hydraulic fracturing process uses quite a bit of water — upward of 3,000 to 9,000 gallons per well. A great deal of this water returns as flowback or backwash and must be recycled or disposed of. It is critical to the health and safety of the environment as well as the people and animals who may be exposed to fracking wastewater, that it is clean and safe. To help make the wastewater as pure as possible, bag filtration housing systems from Filter Sciences can help.

Recycling frack water Large-scale industrial bag filtration housing systems allow for fracking wastewater to be recycled rather than disposed of. Recycled frack water can be used in fracking again or, once filtered, it can be used in irrigation and land applications. Depending on what was being fracked and what filtration processes are used, the recycled flowback water may even be treated to produce safe, clean drinking water.

At Filter Sciences, our bag filtration housing systems use the latest technology in filtration, made with the highest quality materials to produce a superior filtration system. Our stainless steel filter bag housing units prevent against corrosion, rusting, or leaking, meaning that the fluids that are put through the bag filtration systems come out cleaner than they entered without backwash.

Our bag filtration housing systems are assembled in the US and are in stock, ready to ship. If you manage a hydraulic fracturing company or site, contact us for your free quote.