In the water treatment, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage, paint and lacquer, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and metalworking industries, filtration makes all the difference in quality and safety. To keep your industry running as it should, ensure you’ve got the products to support your efforts. At Filter Sciences, we make filter bag housing systems that promote safety and efficiency at every step of the process.

Tune into our filter bag housing to learn everything you need to know about the filtration process in your industry and how our superiorly engineered filter bag housing units can help streamline your process. In stock ready to ship or and custom-made to order, we have the right unit for you. Contact us for your quote today.

  1. The Applications of Bag Filter Housings – Hydraulic Fracturing

    Natural gas is the fossil fuel we all use that is a source of energy that make our daily lives more comfortable and time-efficient. From driving our cars and cooking meals, to heating our homes and providing electricity, it would be hard to go a day without it. Natural gas is formed from millions of…Read More

  2. The Importance of Water Filtration

    Water treatment plays a crucial part in modern society. Find out how our bag filtration housings play a role. Fresh, clean water keeps us functioning — from our drinkable water and potable water, to the water that is used in industries that produce the necessities to make modern life possible — …Read More

  3. Filter Sciences: The Industries We Serve (Part Two)

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  4. Filter Sciences: The Industries We Serve (Part One)

    While our industry of stainless steel bag filter housings and bag filters is niche, we serve a broad range of industries that depend on our products and services, and perhaps you too will find what you’ve been searching for with Filter Sciences! At Filter Sciences, we’re a company that caters to…Read More

  5. Welcome To Filter Sciences

    If you're in the myriad of industries we serve, such as water treatment, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage, metalworking, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and many others, Filter Sciences is the only company to choose for stainless steel bag filter housing.   Filter Sciences is the only logical c…Read More