Water Filtration

Historically, industrial water and wastewater treatment have been conducted using filter cartridges. However, recent technology and superior engineering have allowed for industrial filter bag housing units to complete the work.

Industrial Process Water – Filtration systems are essential in the treatment of industrial process water including wash water and cooling water before it is reused or disposed of. Fragments of what was cooled — metal, plastic, or rubber or any other particulate — that are present will be left behind if an effective filter bag housing unit is used.

Wastewater Filtration – Wastewater from municipal, commercial, and industrial sources must be treated and filtered prior to being reused or disposed of. Filter bag housing systems help to rid the water of harmful contaminants before being disposed of or recycled. Particulates that are removed include sand, grease, oil, and other solid particulates.

Agricultural Water – Water that is used for agricultural processes faces some unique challenges by way of availability and quality. With the declining availability of fresh surface water sources, the agricultural industry has had to turn to groundwater and recycled industrial wastewater, in addition to recycling its own water for reuse. Bag filter systems help to remove sand, salt and any other solid particulate ranging from 1 to 1000 microns.

Surface-water Filtration – Surface water is that which is collected from streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Filter bag housings and bag filters remove dirt, salt, algae, and sediments that may have been collected.

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