Bag Filtration Throughout The Industries

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Bag filter housings are used in a wide number of industries and we’ll explore how one filtration system works uniquely and specifically in each industry.

Many industrial filtration companies have a one size fits all approach, and while this is not inherently a negative thing, it leaves a lot of opportunities in the industry. It leaves each company wondering how their system differs from the other industries their system is being used in. And this is important to consider.

At Filter Sciences, our bag filter housings span a diverse number of industries but cater to each one uniquely. Follow along in today’s blog as we explore how bag filtration serves each industry exclusively.

Beyond One Size Fits All   

Each industry has operation requirements that makes them a little different from the next. For example, what does the food and beverage industry have in common with natural gas and oil? Not a lot, but some filtering companies would sell them the exact same system.

Not Filter Sciences.

Not only do our filter bag housings differ from single housings, sideline, and duplex filtration to multiple bag housings, but we have an extensive inventory of filter media to accommodate each industry perfectly. And, one of the best benefits of our filter bag housings is the cost-effective stainless steel bag housings at carbon steel prices. Not only do you get longevity in a high-quality and durable product, but it increases your bottom line.

Bag Filtration Across The Industries (And How They Differ)

We don’t have a one size fits all approach when it comes to industrial filtration — learn more below how they differ.

Wastewater and Water Filtration

When it comes to water filtration, there are a variety of ways to go about purification. Common methods include reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and bag filtration.

Bag filtration is an excellent option for large companies because they are able to properly accommodate the flow capacity and the filter media is diverse to eliminate all types of contaminants to ensure safety and meet specific regulations.   

Industrial bag filter housings filter the water according to the type and size of particulates that are in the water.

Food and Beverage

Companies choose bag filtration because of their high reliability and cost-effective price points. The filter media available can cater to a wide variety and specific needs that vary from food-to-food and beverage-to-beverage.


The brewing industry has exploded here in the US in the last couple of years, with over 6,300 craft breweries operating at the end of 2017. This industry uses bag filtration to better separate grains from sugars and through removing proteins from the initial stages to help slow fermentation.

The industry relies on a variety of filter media and flow capacity depending on the size of their operation. There is a huge difference in the quality of the end product and size of bag used — a tighter bag can lead to a bad batch if used towards the end of a run.

Chemical and Mining

It is imperative to these industries that stainless steel is used in the filter bag housings to handle the appropriate temperatures and chemical properties. These industries face demanding regulations and safety standards so they need a filtration system that is able to filter sub-micron particulates.

Bag Filtration By Filter Sciences

At Filter Sciences, we offer bag filter housings and filter media to provide innovative filtering solutions to a broad variety of industries.

The bag filters are held within our stainless steel bag filter housings for the purpose of removing debris, solids, and contaminants from varying liquids.

We’re here to provide industrial bag filter housings and filter media that span most industries.

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