Beer Filtration in the Brewing Industry

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Filtration is key to improving the quality and taste of beer in any setting. Whether individuals are making homebrew, pub breweries are making stock quantities, or large-scale beverage distributors are mass producing a line of beer products, the filtration is very similar. In today’s post, we are going to review some of the steps of filtration in the beer brewing process.

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1. Filtration After the Mashing Processes

Mashing is the process of steeping mill grain in hot water to activate the malt enzymes and convert starches into fermentable sugars. In this stage, the mash is separated into the liquid wort and residual grain product. The wort is then filtered through a mesh bag filter system to catch waste grain as the wort is transferred into a brew kettle. It is in this filtration process that a quality bag filter housing system is important and can withstand high heats and monofilament filter bags ensure optimal particle removal.

2. Filtration For Clarifying and Finishing

At the end of the process, when the beer is ready to consume, it will be clarified and filtered one to two more times. Haze removal improves the clarity of the brew by reducing particles — which, if high-quality ingredients and effective filtration practices were used prior to this point, may be a non-issue. The brew is filtered to further improve clarity by removing sediments, yeast particles, and any grain or hops that made it through the previous steps. In the final step, a final filtration can be conducted as the beer is placed in containers for consumption. Some breweries skip the final filtration process, which is completely acceptable if the previous filtration efforts were effective.

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