Industrial Filtration: Agricultural Irrigation

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Water is a necessity in agriculture, but it’s also a scarce and non-renewable resource that comes at a premium, so how do we better balance water usage in agriculture?

One of the greatest challenges agriculture faces — whether you’re a small organic farm or a large agricultural operation — is water. Not only is it a finite resource, but roughly 20 percent of the world’s population is already experiencing the limits of available and sustainable water resources.

At Filter Sciences, we understand the effects of water and how it not only impacts specific industries but our planet as a whole. Not only are our filter bag housings eco-friendly and help conserve water, but they are also reliable and highly durable. Join us in today’s post as we explore the area of agricultural irrigation, how it affects water filtration, and how Filter Sciences plays a role.

The High Cost of Water

When it comes to agriculture, our modern society relies almost solely on it for food — without it things would take a grave turn. Agriculture also relies heavily upon water to produce the crops to feed us.

To emphasize this even more, our population continues to expand, which means our agricultural demand increases as resources for water decrease.

What we all need to realize is that there is a finite supply of fresh water.

This poses a threat to our development and the competition for this resource only deepens. Agriculture is one of the leading industries that uses and relies exclusively on water, but we’re now facing the challenges of needing more of it while also trying to find ways to use less of it.

Bag Filtration and Agricultrual Irrigation

Becoming more water-efficient is the goal in the agricultural industry, and there are technologies that are making this more digestible in the industry. Irrigation water is now being sourced from unconventional sources such as surface water that has been polluted, wastewater, and saltwater.

It will always depend on what is being grown, as each type of crop has different requirements as far as the water being used. For example, foods such as fruits and vegetables that will be consumed uncooked, water filtration is going to be higher and need to filter out major contaminants that could possibly lead to microbial contamination.

Bag filtration with various filter media is an exceptional option to filter agricultural irrigation to produce healthy and safe crops. Our premier filtration is the optimal option to effectively meet the standards of the agriculture in question crop. Some agricultural communities are even able to implement and use an irrigation system that allows them to minimize their water usage by reusing and recycling the water.

Agricultural Irrigation and Filter Sciences

At Filter Sciences, we provide innovative water treatment filter solutions that will help your operation manage and better preserve your water resources the most efficient way possible.

Our filter bag housings allow for zero discharge that eliminates any backwash and the most flexible filtration media so you can change or replace each filter media according to the type of filtration you need.

We supply the leading bag filter housings and filtration systems to both protect your bottom line and the non-renewable resource, water. When you partner with us, you decrease your water footprint and increase your agricultural operations to function most effectively in your industry while making a bigger impact on our planet.

How Filter Sciences Can Help

We want to help your business find the solutions to help balance the water concerns we all face. Our water filtration systems can aid in the following way:

  • Solids removal from agricultural irrigation systems
  • Removal of potential microbes and contaminants
  • Water recycling and reuse

To partner with us in finding a practical solution to agricultural water treatment, connect with us today.