Why Use Flexible Filtration?

Stainless Steel at Carbon Steel Pricing

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Flexible filter media is one component of bag filtration that makes industrial filtration possible and benefit the industries it serves.

Industrial liquid filtration serves a myriad of industries from water treatment facilities and food and beverage to plastics and hydraulic fracturing. A highly durable and long-lasting filter bag housing unit is a vital component to liquid filtration — it begins with the filter bag housings!

Another equally important piece to industrial filtration is the filtration media that is used within the filter bag housings.

At Filter Sciences, we are the premier supplier of stainless steel filter bag housings at carbon steel prices, in addition to offering a wide variety of filtration media. Follow along in today’s post as we venture into filter media and why flexible filtration is so vital to the industrial filtration industry.

An Introduction to Liquid Filtration

All industries that implement liquid filtration knows that the filter media uses filters and screens the passing liquid, limiting the admittance of solids by the specific filter media.

There are specific requirements for each passing liquid and what needs to be separated, making the filter media just as diverse as the applications they’re needed for in the filtration industry.

Filter media separates variously sized contaminants from pebbles to tiny grains of sand — down to microscopic particles. The filter has to be uniquely sized and adjusted to a specific particle size. So, the filter media better determine what is essentially allowed and what is to be filtered to meet the standards of the industry and therefore has to adapt to the application.

Applications range from a robust yet thin media that is able to withstand pressure from the filtration process, while other applications are bulkier and have to tolerate heat — even from heated liquids the media still needs to be able to separate contaminants.  

Filter media is at the center of any filtration facility.

When choosing a filter media for your filter bag housing, it’s important to consider the following variables:

  • Solids loading
  • Flow volume
  • Density and shape of contaminants

Various Types of Bag Filters

Before choosing a filter media material, there a host of bag filter types to consider. Read about them below.

  • Felt – This is a nonwoven material that consists of pieces of fabric being punched, which better binds the material together. Felt is manufactured with or without reinforcement. If reinforcement is added it, it greatly adds stability.
  • Nonwoven – A nonwoven filter bag is most typically composed of polyester or polypropylene and is made from a fibrous web that beautifully meets the retention criteria.
  • Multifilament mesh – This is a woven thread from short pieces of fabric that twist and turn to better bind the fibers together. The thread size and specific weave help to determine the micron rating on the material.
  • Monofilament mesh – This is a filter bag that implements yarn and is woven into a fabric. The size and weave of the

Filter Media At Filter Sciences

We offer a wide array of filter media to accommodate every sector of industrial filtration. Read more about them below.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Disposable
  • Can be used as prescreening
  • Reasonably easy to clean (if needed)


  • A wide variety of pore sizes
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Temperature tolerant
  • Durable
  • Hydrophobic


  • Strong
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Precise weaving for an accurate pore size

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Perforated Baskets

  • A wide variety of sizes and shapes
  • Added support
  • Withstands an increase in differential pressure

Oil Absorbent Bags

  • Great for oil absorbency at high flow rates
  • Long filter life
  • Available in different micron ratings

Carbon Lined Bags

  • Exceptional absorption for organic compounds
  • High resistance to temperature
  • High resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Great for hazardous material


We offer a broad selection of filter media, so if we didn’t list one that you’re interested in there is a good chance we carry it!

The Importance of Filter Bag Flexibility

Bag filters pave the way in the liquid filtration industry because the filter bags can be removed and replaced to match the specific application they’re needed for. They are also able to fit the needs of the various processes to be more effective in higher temperatures and at higher pressures.

Why Partner with Filter Sciences?

We provide the industry leading filter bags in a wide selection of options — this way if your filtering processes change, you can adapt and choose a different filter media.

We have filter media that can filter virtually any fluid at a wide range of micron ratings.

Our bag filters are also easy and seamless to install compared to cartridge filters. The filter bag can be effortlessly placed within the filter bag housing and then easily locked for a process that requires very little training for operations.

Filter bag housings are only the initial (but very crucial) step towards premier liquid filtration, only followed by the filter media you use.

To learn more about our stainless steel filter bag housings and filter media, connect with us today!