Single Bag vs. Multi-Bag Housings: The Differences

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When it comes to choosing the right equipment for your industrial needs, finding the best products and the most trustworthy companies to work with can be a top priority. However, getting what you need and ensuring that it’s cost-effective and lasts for years is another important factor. At Filter Sciences, we’re proud to offer top-quality filter bag housings in both single-bag and multi-bag format to our customers. But what are the differences between these configurations? Keep reading to explore the features and benefits of each and contact us today to get a quote for your application needs.

Single Bag Filter Housings

Single bag filter housings work extremely well in a variety of settings and offer flexibility in application that no other filter bag housings are able to offer. If your needs expand, there’s no need to trade your current unit out for a multi-bag filter housing, because you can simply add single units to meet your needs! Browse Filter Sciences’ entire selection of stainless steel single-bag housing units today.

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The Multiple Uses of Single Bag Filter Housing Units

The single-bag housing units available from Filter Sciences have multiple uses for a wide variety of applications in many different industries. Different use options for our single-bag housings include:

  • Single Bag Filter Vessels
  • Duplex Bag Filter Vessels
  • Dual Single Filter Housings
  • Multi-Plex Bag Filter Housings

Why Stainless Steel for Our Single-Bag Filter Housings?

Filter Sciences offers and stocks a complete line of 304 stainless steel single housings to meet the filtration needs of our clients, and we are proud to use stainless steel that is highly corrosion-resistant. This makes it an excellent choice due to an extended service life and high returns on the initial investment. Filter Sciences single-bag housings can be utilized as strainers to remove particles larger than 75 microns, and they can also be used as filters to remove particles as low as one micron. Making an  investment today means you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow!

Applications for Single-Bag Housing Units:

  • Single Housings
    • All Stainless Steel At Carbon Steel Pricing 
    • Zero Discharge – No Backwash
    • Up To 250 Gpm Flow Per Unit
    • Huge Savings Over Cartridge Filters
    • Flange Together In Parallel
    • Total Flexibility In Media
  • Side Line Filtration
    • Non-Hinged Top Allow For Lid Removal
    • Up To 250 Gpm Flow
    • Filter Height Is Fully Customizable
    • Fluid Inlet From The Side
    • Most Economical Single
  • Duplex Filtration
    • Run In Alternating Or Parallel Mode
    • Double Your Flow Capacity In Parallel Mode
    • Always Have A Fresh Bag In Reserve In Alternating Mode
    • You Choose The Mode Based On Valve Configuration
    • Duplexing Kits Available Up To 1,500 Gpm

Multi-Bag Housings

At Filter Sciences, our focus is on one thing: engineering and manufacturing high-quality products. This allows us to focus on the details of creating custom multi-bag units to meet our clients’ unique needs, and we also stock a complete line of multi-bag housing units that can ship the next business day. Applications that require multiple filtration housing units offer extended service life and a large return on investment for our clients. 

Big Flow, Large Volume, No Problem!

We strive to meet the needs of our clients and that means engineering multi-bag filter housing units to accommodate large volumes and flow rates for a wide range of applications. Our standard stainless steel multi-bag filtration units can handle flow rates of up to 2,400 GPM. If your application requires a larger GPM, our team offers custom-engineered solutions to meet specific needs. These multi-bag filter housing units are versatile enough to be used with various filter media and are safe for use with many different chemicals or products, too. The stainless steel components are corrosion-resistant and make the units easy to clean, as well.

Choosing Multi-Bag Housing Units vs. Single-Bag Housing Units

If your filtration application requires higher volumes and flow rates but you or your team needs fewer media bag changes, a multi-bag filter housing system may be the best option to meet your needs! Multi-bag filter housings assist with faster turnaround times and can reduce downtime during bag media filter changes. Compression bag clamps also guarantee a positive seal and zero discharge, so no process fluids are lost. These features also prevent bypassing and leakage during processing. 

The ergonomic design of Filter Sciences multi-bag filter housing units makes operation, repairs, and cleaning quick and easy for your team, too! Because stainless steel prevents corrosion and is easy to sanitize, your units will be easier to keep in peak condition. The over-the-top design and spring lids also assist with easier filter bag changing. Side drain ports facilitate chaining multiple units, and because you can simply replace the filter media, our bag housing units offer huge savings over cartridge filters.

Why Stainless Steel Housings?

We choose stainless steel because it offers superior corrosion-resistance and strength over carbon steel. With the addition of chromium (10.5 to 11 percent by mass), the stainless steel in our housing units, both single-bag and multi-bag, forms a chromium oxide layer to greatly reduce corrosion in the unit and extends the service life to increase your return on investment. 

Why Filter Sciences?

Filter Sciences is dedicated to creating great products for our customers. Our single bag and multi-bag housings are engineered for durability and designed for convenience. Learn more about shopping for single-bag filter housings and multi-bag filtration housings and contact us today to get started!

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