In many industries — water treatment, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage, paint and lacquer, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and metalworking — the use of bag filters have a significant impact on the quality of the materials produced and the safety of both workers and consumers. At Filter Sciences, we use top-quality materials and superior engineering processes to create the best bag filter housing units available on the market. Filter Sciences invests in inventory. We keep everything from a single bag housing up to a 12 bag housing in stock ready to ship. Any size over 12 bags, we can custom create the bag filter housing unit that meets your needs.

Tune into our bag filter housing blog to learn more about the role of bag filter housing systems in your industry and how we can help improve your process and save you money. Contact us for your custom quote today.

  1. Carbon Steel Vs. Stainless Steel: A Side-By-Side Comparison

    Here at Filter Sciences, we boast the fact that we proudly use only the best stainless steel in the production of our bag filter housing units. If you have visited us online or delighted in the use of our filter bag housing systems, you have undoubtedly discovered the stainless steel difference. How…Read More