Filter Sciences: The Industries We Serve (Part One)

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While our industry of stainless steel bag filter housings and bag filters is niche, we serve a broad range of industries that depend on our products and services, and perhaps you too will find what you’ve been searching for with Filter Sciences!

At Filter Sciences, we’re a company that caters to our customer’s needs by offering next business day shipping and by providing an inventory that is always in-stock. Whether you’ve been searching for a multi-bag filter housing or a specific material of filter bag, we’re here to help you run your business more smoothly. Join us in today’s post as we explore the different industries we serve.

What do the food and beverage and fracking industries have in common?

Stainless steel housings from Filter Sciences!

The Industries of Filter Sciences

We create and manufacture both stainless steel filter bag housings and filter bags of all materials for industries that power our nation! From water treatment facilities to pharmaceutical companies, they all use our products to better serve their customers! Below is just a peek at the industries we can cater to, so if you don’t see your industry and think you could benefit from our products, please get in touch we also offer fully customizable equipment.

The Home Improvement Industry: Paints, Lacquers and Resins, Plastics, Coatings, and Inks

In the home improvement industry, painting companies use our filtration products to assist in the removal of agglomerates, paint coagulates, filling and mixing lines, storage contaminants and the filtration of monomers.

Paint filtration is crucial because of the end-product and the quality it does or does not have — from the type, shape, viscosity, size, and flexibility of the pigment and how it can be applied to different mediums such as cars, building structures, or outdoor siding.

When it comes to home improvement products that help craft the way your home looks and functions, it’s important that the plastics such as the molding and coatings needed are filtered for both large and small debris so their application is smooth and free from particles.  

The Chemical Industry

Chemical filtration through stainless steel bag filter housings is critical for almost every sector of the chemical industry to effectively process acids, alkalis, fluids, polymers, solvents, emulsions and dispersions, catalyst and carbon recovery, and the overall polishing of aqueous process fluids.

It’s important and cost-effective for clarification and particle removal, protecting liquid solutions, and protecting the quality in the final product of certain liquids.

The Pharmaceutical and Health and Beauty Industries

When producing substances that are going to be administered to the general public, it’s essential that they’re processed and filtered to remove any dangerous compounds or impurities that affect their efficacy.

In the health and beauty space, filtering things such as creams and oils through our stainless steel filter housings and filter bags helps preserve active compounds and ingredients while removing adulterations from the final product.

At Filter Sciences we serve countless industries including the home improvement, chemical, pharmaceutical and health and beauty industries. There are many more businesses that benefit from our stainless steel filter bag housings and filter bags, so stay tuned for part two.

When you’re working with filtering substances on a large scale, it’s important to have equipment that can get the job done efficiently and effectively. At Filter Sciences, we provide state-of-the-art equipment made from stainless steel to streamline your operations. With stainless steel (compared to carbon steel) you get filter housings that resist corrosion and reduce the number of repairs and replacements you’ll have to make, freeing up more time and money you can put towards other things.

For more information about the products we offer and customizable projects, connect with us today.