The Benefits of Filter Bag Housings in the Food and Beverage Industry (Part One)

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At Filter Sciences, we serve industries vital to our quality of life, including the food and beverage industry!

The food and beverage industry makes modern living possible, and without it, we would be left spending our time just trying to survive. The filtration of food and beverages keeps our foods fresher, provides an ample shelf life while controlling for waste and spoilage — overall, everything is more palatable, safer, and more attractive to the consumer.

At Filter Sciences, we play a crucial role in how the food and beverage industry functions, and without the ability for filtration on a large scale, food and beverage products would not only be astronomically more expensive as a result of intense labor, but products may be less safe to consume and unattractive to eat. Learn more about how our filter bag housings support the food and beverage industry.

Filtering Processes in the Food and Beverage Industry

When you begin thinking about food and beverages it can be hard to recall why filtering would even be needed, but the closer it is examined, there is a myriad of reasons food and drinks need to be filtered. Below are just a couple of examples of how filter bag housings are implemented in the food and beverage industry.

  • Processing vegetables and fruit
  • Processing of fats from both animal and vegetable sources
  • Processing dairy products — cheese, milk, etc.  
  • Processing grain and starch products
  • Processing coffee and tea
  • Processing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Processing water

Equipment Utilization

The food and beverage industry uses filter bag housings for many processes, and below is a closer look into the equipment applications.

  • Supplementary water purification as an added ingredient to food and drinks
  • Separating cream from milk and other potential contaminants

The Water Conversation

Filtering water through filter bag housings is a whole topic ( and industry) in and of itself, but just water alone greatly contributes to a large part of the food and beverage industry.

Potable water is a crucial ingredient in many food and beverage products, thus the need for it to be clean and contaminant-free. This water is used in reconstituted juices, rinsing and washing fruits and vegetables, meats, and industrial equipment — it is heavily relied upon.

Our filter bag housings play a large part in providing potable water to the food and beverage industry and, with a mix of various media, the filters can be used to filter other food and beverage products as well.     

Industry-Specific Uses – Beverage Filter Bag Housings

There are many industries that use our filter bag housings, for increased production and safer, healthier products.


Winemaking is hugely supported by filtration, notably towards the end stages of clarification and filling. Filters are used to filter particles that affect the overall product, including those that alter the clarity and shelf-life. 

There are many filtration steps in the food and beverage industry, but wine may be the most complex yet! To optimally preserve wine and safeguard the final product, several steps are required including:

Clarification – This is the beginning step in wine filtration and involves removing large sediment and particles in the large, open batch before bottling can happen. Different particles and sediments can affect the final product by creating an adverse aroma or flavor.

Before the wine is bottled, a final filtering stage is used — this stage further expands on filtering for organisms. When the proper filter is chosen, the end product produces a clear wine with its desired characteristics and depth that consumers and winemakers can appreciate. Each winemaker, however, will choose a different filter to preserve the flavor and aromas, while capturing bacteria and organisms that could be harmful.


Food and beverage filtration is necessary for keeping what we consume safe and delicious. And, upon first look, it doesn’t seem like there is much of a need or demand in these industries, but as you’ll find out, our products serve a very important function! There is so much more to explore on this topic, so stay tuned for part two!

For more information on our filter bag housings and how they can make your business more productive, eco-friendly, and save you money, connect with us today!

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