The Benefits of Filter Bag Housings in the Food and Beverage Industry (Part Two)

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The food and beverage industry is highly dependent on filter bag housings and filtration to keep their products safe and palatable!

In part one of this series, we broadly examined how food and beverage filtration play a role in food safety and food quality. In today’s post, we will explore more closely the specific industries that use filtration in their operations and the different steps that are taken.

Food and beverage filtration governs modern society in the end products that we consume, and without it, our quality of life would suffer because food wouldn’t be as safe and we would be spending more of our time just trying to find it! At Filter Sciences, the important part of filtration begins with filter bag housings — the element they are stored in! Follow along and learn more about the specific industries we serve.

An In-Depth Look At Industry-Specific Uses – Beverage Filter Bag Housings

The first beverage industry we reviewed in part one was wine, and now we will continue that conversation by looking at the other beverage industries that implement filtration.  


Similar to wine is beer filtration. This type of filtration centers around the continuous removal of particles that may negatively impact the final product in terms of appearance and flavor. Beer filtration applies many steps, paying close attention to the final clarification and filling steps. Regardless of the size of your operation — craft or corporate — filters and filter bag housings play an essential role in the beer-making process.

Beer trap refinement – Following fermentation and when the aging is complete in the beer making process, the liquid is filtered to first remove hops and yeast that was used to craft the perfect taste and color by the brewmaster. The beer trap filter removes most of these particles and provides the first step in beer stabilization.

Clarification of beer – Before packaging occurs, another filtering stage is employed to remove sediment and suspended particles. In addition to removing unfavorable particles, this filter protects the final filter from being overwhelmed and clogging prematurely.

Brewmasters, just like winemakers, will all choose different filters to better preserve their end product and the taste and aromas they are looking to feature.  

Other Beverages

Beverage filtering is similar across most industries, with a few different steps that make them different. The main takeaway we look at when examining beverage filtration is that they are able to maintain a safe, drinkable product while removing large particles and sediments that cause health-safety issues and a poor taste. Soda, water, and juices all use a similar method to beer and wine filtration to distribute a product that consumers will continue to enjoy.

Industry-Specific Uses – Food Filter Bag Housings

Filtration is used in the food industry to avoid and prevent food-contamination to maintain public health and safety. Contaminants come from two sources, the equipment used during food processing and the food itself, and with the assistance of filtration, it can help remove unwanted particles.

Dairy and Food Processing

The filtration process in both parts of the dairy and food processing industry is very similar and handles filtration in the following steps:

Water filtration – This step is used more for equipment sterilization and the containers that are used to house and store the product. Clean and contaminant-free water helps to stabilize the end product and increase its shelf-life.

Pre-filtration – pre-filters offer the ability to protect and enhance the main filter.

The various steps above are heavily relied upon to protect the consistency and quality of the final product. In the other stages similar to the beverage industry such as clarification, filtration, and clarification control to ensure a healthy and tasty food product.

Food and beverage filtration combined with its prerequisite parts and pieces, including filter bag housings, keep modern society and our desire for comfort intact. Without the multiple filtering steps such as clarification and product stabilization, food and beverages just wouldn’t taste as good.

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