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If you’re in the myriad of industries we serve, such as water treatment, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage, metalworking, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and many others, Filter Sciences is the only company to choose for stainless steel bag filter housing.

Filter Sciences is the only logical choice in bag housing filters.

There is a sea of companies that produce bag housing filters, but Filter Sciences is the only logical choice for absolute quality, sustainability, and longevity.   

So, why choose Filter Sciences?

We know we’re a niche industry with a number of competitors, but when you choose Filter Sciences,  you’re choosing a company guided by strong business practices that put our customers first with next business day shipping and stainless steel bag filter housings that are always in stock.

The Filter Sciences Advantage

Filter Sciences Features Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housings.

While some companies are still using carbon steel for their housing units, we’ve decided to shake things up a little and offer innovation in the form of stainless steel filter bag housings. Stainless steel is advantageous for the customer and industry because of the following:

Extremely resistant to corrosion – Not only are our bag housing filters stainless steel, but they also feature a chromium oxide layer that increases their corrosion-resistance.

Extends longevity – Because of the corrosion-resistance, our bag housing filters last longer and are more durable.

More sustainable and eco-friendly – With other carbon steel filter housings, they easily are corroded which contributes to more waste and strain on the environment. With stainless steel bag housing filters, there is no need to waste and replace — they stand up and can be used over and over.  

Saves you money – Not only are they eco-friendly, they’re pocketbook-friendly — there is no need to have to keep investing in housing filter after housing filter — ours last and save you money over time.

Amazing ROI – We have heard story after story (unfortunately) about businesses who choose carbon steel over stainless steel out of sheer cost, only to experience leaks just years into their usage. When you invest in stainless steel bag filter housings, you increase your ROI.

When you choose carbon steel over stainless steel, not only does it corrode at a faster rate, the repairs it will need in to combat leaks will you down the road of continual maintenance and eventual replacement to stainless steel. Skip the step and headaches of carbon steel, and choose stainless steel bag filter housings with Filter Sciences!

The Stainless Steel Filter Bag Housings of Filter Sciences

At Filter Sciences, we carry bag filter housings to fit every flow requirement imaginable — even those over 6,000 GPM!  

Our single bag stainless steel housings include:

  • Single housings – These single housings are all stainless steel with zero discharge, which means no backwash for your business! They can handle up to 250 GPM flow per unit and fit together parallelly with complete flexibility in media.
  • Sideline filtration – The sideline filtration allows for complete lid removal sans a hinged top, with up t 250 GPM flow per unit. Are you looking for something more customizable? The filter height is completely customizable and features a fluid inlet from the side.
  • Duplex filtration – This filtration unit can be run in both parallel (doubling your flow capacity) or alternating modes. When functioning in an alternating mode, you can always have a fresh bag ready in reserve. Based on the valve configuration, you can easily choose the mode to run and how many GPMs it has — duplexing kits can run up to 1,500 GPM!

Our multi-bag Stainless steel housings include:

  • Four, five, eight, and 12 bag units
  • Our standard multi-bag units can handle flows up to 6,00o GPM, with more customizable options available
  • Each housing bag is capable of 250 GPMs, and out standard muli bag housings range from two to 24 cells.
  • Runs in both alternating and parallel modes
  • The bags are reusable once cleaned or can be replaced with fresh bags

Our filter bags are industry-leading.

Why Choose Filter Sciences For Filter Media?

You have a wide array of filter bags with us, which makes us a one-stop-shop for all of your filter housing and filter bag needs including:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Mesh screens
  • Perforated baskets
  • Oil absorbent bags
  • Carbon lined bags
  • Many more

Not only is our filter bag assortment broad and right for every industry we serve, but there are also beneficial features such as:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy and intuitive bag installation
  • Multi-use

Filter Sciences makes filtration systems uncomplicated.

Because we offer stainless steel housings for a multitude of industries, coupled with an extensive filter media collection, no other company can compare to our products and our commitment to our customers.

For stainless steel filter housings and filter bags for all industries, connect with us today and work with a company that puts our customers first!