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Cooling Tower & Waste Water Filtration Operations

Where would we be without the modern-day convenience of air conditioning? Our work productivity would likely plummet and running errands in the scorching summer heat would be unbearable. Industrial cooling towers are used for eliminating heat while maintaining temperatures. Cooling tower water filtration is just one of the industries that implement both filter bag housings and filter media to ensure a water filtering process that is safe and effective; whether they are used for an industrial site or air-conditioning in a building, the water treatment can make a large impact in their overall operations.

In the water treatment industry, superior filtration and water treatment materials are paramount to protecting the plants and machines in manufacturing. Water treatment and filtration is a very important process, which means that you need filter bag housing. Filter Sciences uses superior technology and engineering to produce filter bag housing units that are safe and reliable. Contact us for a quote or to have yours specially engineered to meet your needs.

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The Filter Sciences Filter Bag Housing Difference

  • Single or multiple bag housing units
  • Sure-seal covers
  • Stainless steel
  • Cleaning in place
  • Sanitary bag housing
  • No backwash
  • In stock, ready to ship

Filter bag housings paired with their filter media make it possible for cooling water filtration, just one of the many industries we serve here at Filter Sciences. Explore cooling tower water filtration with us today.

Do you often find your filter bag housings covered in rust and corrosion? Choose housings that are stainless steel, but at the cost-effective prices of carbon steel.

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Cooling Tower & Waste Water Filtration

Cooling water whether used in comfort cooling (air conditioning) or industrial cooling water is vital to many processes. Open recirculating cooling towers are utilized to conserve water by its re-use in a cooling tower. The water is diffused into small droplets and evaporative cooling decreases the water temperature.  This process requires a high volume of outside air forced through the cooling tower via a fan to improve the efficiency of the cooling tower. The tower with the outside air flowing over it not only cools the tower water but also acts as an air cleaner. Anything in the air ends up in the cooling tower water. Cooling tower water filtration is just one of the industries that implement both filter bag housings and filter media to ensure a water filtering process that is safe and effective; whether they are used for an industrial site or air-conditioning in a building, the water treatment can make a large impact on their overall operations.   
Filter bag housings paired with their filter media make it possible for efficient cooling water filtration, just one of the many industries we serve here at Filter Sciences. Explore cooling tower water filtration with us today.

Many types of filtration require backwash and loss of vast amounts of water when the whole purpose of the cooling tower is water conservation. Bag filtration requires no regeneration, it is truly zero water discharge. The bags filled with particulate are simply removed and cleaned or discarded. A second great advantage is the level of filtration can be altered by simply changing to a different type of bag. Even if you have another type of filtration system in use, such as a sand filter, which regenerates and wastes a large volume of water our system can be utilized to filter the regenerate and recycle it back into the system.

When facilities opt for cooling towers as a part of their HVAC system, some variation is needed to establish effective and efficient water filtration processes and system longevity. When neglected, cooling tower water is subjected to organic growth, scaling, corrosion, and fouling — all of which cost time in money as employee and plant productivity is reduced. So, how do you avoid facility downtime and costly equipment replacements? You use high-quality stainless steel filter bag housings and optimal filter media for your operation.

What is cooling tower water filtration?

Cooling tower water filtration is a set of technologies that filter potentially harmful debris and particles from your cooling tower feed water to better blowdown and circulates the water. Each system varies some, but the specific configuration depends on the following:

  • The nature of your cooling tower
    • Closed-loop, once-through, or open circulating
  • The quality requirements listed by the manufacturer
  • The makeup and chemistry of your water
  • The option of your blowdown water being treated for reuse
  • Circulating concentration
  • The type of heat exchanger

What are the components of a basic cooling tower water filtration system?

The variations you will observe in cooling water filtration will come from the chemistry of your circulatory water and the quality of feed water. A basic system implements the following:

  • Chemical feed
  • Clarification
  • Automated monitoring
  • Filtration and/or ultrafiltration
  • Ion softening and/or exchange

Because each facility will have a different set of water particles present, the filtration process will use a combination of the above methods which is why it is critical to talk with a water filtration specialist to find the optimal system for your business.

What does the cooling tower water filtration manage?

There are many elements of the filtration system, and it typically controls levels such as:

  • Iron
  • Alkalinity
  • Chloride
  • Organic matter (microorganisms which lead to corrosion)  
  • Silica
  • Hardness
  • Sulfates (lead to corrosion)
  • Total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)

While there are many steps in industrial cooling water filtration including the water uptake, ion exchange and water softening, chemical treatment, and blown down treatment, we will go more into depth on filtration, ultrafiltration, and side-stream filtration.

  • Filtration and ultrafiltration - Running cooling tower water through filtration helps remove any debris or suspended particles such as organic matter and sediment. It is important to tackle this step early to remove any solids that may escape upstream that can cause fouling later on down the line. Depending on the type of filter media and filter bag housing being used, particles can be removed to under one micron.
  • Side-stream filtration - If your cooling water tower system processes and recirculates water, a side-streamed unit is helpful to control for drift contamination. If your system requires side-stream filtration, it is a good idea to consider a multimedia filtration system.

Filtering water in a cooling water filtration system is advantageous in keeping your equipment clean, effective, and corrosion-free.


Waste Water Filtration

Historically, industrial water and wastewater treatment have been conducted using filter cartridges. However, recent technology and superior engineering have allowed for industrial filter bag housing units to complete the work.

Industrial Process Water - Filtration systems are essential in the treatment of industrial process water including wash water and cooling water before it is reused or disposed of. Fragments of what was cooled — metal, plastic, rubber or any other particulate— that are present will be left behind if an effective filter bag housing unit is used.

Wastewater Filtration - Wastewater from municipal, commercial, and industrial sources must be treated and filtered prior to being reused or disposed of. Filter bag housing systems help to rid the water of harmful contaminants before being disposed of or recycled. Particulates that are removed include sand, grease, oil, and other solid particulates.

Agricultural Water - Water that is used for agricultural processes faces some unique challenges by way of availability and quality. With the declining availability of fresh surface water sources, the agricultural industry has had to turn to groundwater and recycled industrial wastewater, in addition to recycling its own water for reuse. Bag filter systems help to remove sand, salt and any other solid particulate ranging from 1 to 1000 microns.

Surface-water Filtration - Surface water is that which is collected from streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Filter bag housings and bag filters remove dirt, salt, algae, and sediments that may have been collected.

Founded on Integrity and Quality, Backed by Science and Superior Engineering

When it comes to water treatment, there is no room for shortcuts or subpar quality. At Filter Sciences, we use superior materials and engineering practices to create filter bag housing units that support the water treatment industry's goals. Our stainless steel filter bag housing units are available at carbon steel pricing, assembled in the United States, and ready to ship. Because we engineer and create all of our filter bag housing systems, if we do not have what you need in stock, we can custom engineer one to meet your gallon and flow requirements. Contact us for your quote today.


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