Bag filtration housing systems are the key component to proper filtration and keeping your production line moving. At Filter Sciences, we engineer superior bag filtration housing units for use in a wide variety of industries. Crafted from stainless steel, they are as durable as they are reliable and affordable. All of our units are in stock and ready to ship.

Tune into our bag filtration housing blog to learn everything you need to know about the units that support your filtration bags and how they make all the difference. To experience the Filter Sciences difference, contact us for your custom quote today!

  1. Beer Filtration in the Brewing Industry

    Filtration is key to improving the quality and taste of beer in any setting. Whether individuals are making homebrew, pub breweries are making stock quantities, or large-scale beverage distributors are mass producing a line of beer products, the filtration is very similar. In today’s post, we are …Read More

  2. Bag Filtration Throughout The Industries

    Bag filter housings are used in a wide number of industries and we’ll explore how one filtration system works uniquely and specifically in each industry. Many industrial filtration companies have a one size fits all approach, and while this is not inherently a negative thing, it leaves a lot of op…Read More

  3. Why Use Flexible Filtration?

    Flexible filter media is one component of bag filtration that makes industrial filtration possible and benefit the industries it serves. Industrial liquid filtration serves a myriad of industries from water treatment facilities and food and beverage to plastics and hydraulic fracturing. A highly dur…Read More

  4. Industrial Filtration: Agricultural Irrigation

    Water is a necessity in agriculture, but it’s also a scarce and non-renewable resource that comes at a premium, so how do we better balance water usage in agriculture? One of the greatest challenges agriculture faces — whether you’re a small organic farm or a large agricultural operation — i…Read More

  5. Glycol In Closed Loops

    Keep your closed-loop system clean and protect pump seals with bag filtration from Filter Sciences! How does the glycol protect the loop from freezing? Pure water freezes at 32° F, but a 60 percent solution of ethylene glycol pushes the freezing point down to -60° F. While the freeze point of pure…Read More